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Human Development International (HDI) is registered in Kenya as a non-governmental organization. Our Vision is to be a vehicle for economic empowerment through integrated agricultural development in Kenya

Our Programs

YAE Farmer Awards

Youth Agri Enterprise (YAE) is an annual program that will be coordinated by hdi Kenya. HDI Kenya is a non-profit organisation whose main focus is to support small holder rural farmers to practice sustainable farming.

Agriculture Development

Our targeted areas have the blessing of large pieces of land but lack water resources that are easily available. This necessitates the development of a model that explores possibilities to set up water points that can support irrigation projects.

Commercial Kienyenji Chicken

Commercial kienyeji chicken farming in Kenya has remained and elusive affair, with an ever growing and high market demand, the business faces numerous challenges ranging from quality affordable organic feeds, improved breeds,

Our Achievements

Farmers Training
Commercial Kienyeji Chicken
YAE Farmer Awards
Tree Seedlings Supply
Widows Support
Micro Finance Services
Market Linkage

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Bringing Nature To Smile Again
We care About The Environment
We are accountable and transparent
We strive for future sustainability
We Research Thoroughly and Train

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Who We Are

Climate change isn’t the only consequence of carbon pollution from fossil fuels. If driving global temperature rise wasn’t enough, increased carbon in our atmosphere is also behind the rapid acidification of our world’s oceans.
  • Water resource development through sinking of boreholes, water harvesting & rehabilitation of dams.
  • Creation of a farmers training & demonstration center for farmers to learn key skills of modern agricultural practices.
  • The use of greenhouse technology & drip irrigation to transform agriculture in the dry lands
  • Environmental Protection and restoration of water catchment areas within the County by planting trees.
  • Provision of both local and international markets for agricultural products from the local farmers including establishment of value addition centers.
  • Linking farmers with micro credit programs in order to raise funds for expansion of their projects.
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