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Sponsor a needy child

Many orphaned children and some that are living with their grandparents lack the basic requirements to attend school. HDI has a unique child sponsorship program that supports both the caregivers and the child. In this program each caregiver is economically empowered to be able to take over the role of the sponsor after a given period of continuous support.
We believe in developing the capacities of the caregivers who are primarily in rural agricultural areas by temporarily taking away the burden of school fees and other educational requirements of their children so that we can develop their capacity to be able to take over their rightful role of supporting their children.
Through this program a sponsor will support a child though the caregiver for a period of up to 4 years for children in primary schools and for 2 years for children in secondary schools.
Primary sponsorship will cost up $500 per year for primary education and up to $1000 for secondary school education.
To support our child sponsorship program or to adopt an individual child write to us or donate to HDI referencing either primary or secondary sponsorship.
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