Commercial kienyeji Chicken

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Commercial kienyeji Chicken

Commercial kienyeji chicken farming in Kenya has remained and elusive affair, with an ever growing and high market demand, the business faces numerous challenges ranging from quality affordable organic feeds, improved breeds, disease management and control, value addition and market access.

In 2018, HDI moved its 2,500 capacity egg incubator system to Nairobi in order to
reduce losses on due to low hatch rate because of power/electricity outage.

Nzangathi area in Kitui which originally hosted the incubating system experiences
high power outages forcing the use of a generator backup system for longer hours and sometimes days. Running such a generator for several days non stop resylted to breakdowns and subsequent losses due to very low hatch rate.
With the hatchery machines in Nairobi, HDI has been able to maintain a minimum of 80% hatch rate of improved Kienyeji breeds whose eggs are sources from KARLO.

The program currently supplies day old chicks to farmers in Kitui and Makueni at cost price with the aim of buying back 3-5 month old grown chicken ready for the market.