Environmental Management

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Environmental Management

One of the well remembered quotes of the Nobel laureate and renowned environmentalist Wangari Maathai says “If you destroy Nature, Nature Will Destroy you” . While many people especially those in business in industrial development see huge financial gains in what they do, the larger population especially in Africa unfortunately has to bear the huge effects of environmental degradation without having necessarily directly contributed to its destruction. Leadership that has direct gains from the environment has not taken much interest in protecting the only source of livelihood for the existence of humanity. Environmental management at HDI is a key and important objectives towards achieving any of our goals.

For this reason HDI has mainstreamed environmental management in all its programming by ensuring that every of its projects includes the following deliverables

  • Explaining to the farmers the issues affecting and leading to climate change
  • Training on the importance of environmental management and protection and mitigation
  • Providing key information and training on climatic change adaptation
  • Ensuring that in each project environmental management is adopted.

HDI is seeking technical and financial support to implement the above listed deliverables to achieve our objective of environmental management and climate change adaptation.