Agriculture Development

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Agriculture Development

Our targeted areas have the blessing of large pieces of land but lack water resources that are easily available. This necessitates the development of a model that explores possibilities to set up water points that can support irrigation projects. This model will adopt both private individuals or families and community based groups.

The community based groups will work under the following guidelines:

  • The groups must be registered with the Government.
  • Each group member must own a piece of land within the locality of the water point / water source.
  • All the members must be interested in the agricultural activity
  • The group must have a constitution
  • All the members should be above 18 years of age
  • They must have officials among them the Chairman Secretary and Treasurer.

Human Development International will endeavor to source for modern technologies that enhance productivity and efficient resource use.
This means we will source for partnerships to increase our capacities to be able to meet our goals.