Agribased Activities for Development

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Training Centres

HDI is establishing at least 3 training and demonstration centres in Kitui area alone. Currently HDI has 1 fully equipped training and demonstration centre with the most important resources of water at least 3 acres of land.

The center has a green house technology, fish ponds (tilapia and cat fish), drip irrigation systems, improved indigenous poultry models, dairy cows and goats and various food plants and fruit plants on demonstration including mangoes, water melon, pigeon peas, green grams, soya, passion fruits, pawpaws, tomatoes, cabbages and many more fruit and food crops. Each center will have a training hall an administrator, several volunteers and trainers.

Setting up a functional training center requires huge resources and HDI is appealing for l support in the following areas:
1. Equipping the centres with capital equipment like green houses, water systems and water pumps, drip kits etc
2. Technical support through volunteering to train and support the farmers
3. Extension services to the farmers
4. Inputs in form of seeds, seedlings and fertilizers
5. Cold storages or cold rooms for perishable products
6. And much more.